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Hello im here again

Posted by Geb-Animations-SDS - December 10th, 2019

Hi, I'm back, I didn't say anything about leaving, so I'm sorry, but I'm here again and there's nothing to worry about, I'll explain for points because I've left this account very abandoned

1) I have been focused on some projects, and very busy with the final acts of my school, but as we already started vacations, I will be a little more active, (surely ripping in a couple of days so meh :/ )

2) I have been very stressed since I am very perfectionist in what consists of animation and drawing, when I do something and I am satisfied after I delete it and I do it again because I want everything to turn out perfect and as I want.

For that problem it is the delay of uploading things to Newgrounds and YouTube

3) Coppa law, I'm afraid that this new rule imposed by YouTube will end my channel, but I suppose I will have to migrate to this platform, Newgrounds.

4) Render subjects, or if I pay subjects, especially for the cheeky old English who does not leave me alone, I have done everything he said in his class, even I am the one who best speaks and speaks English throughout the classroom but for One little thing I had to go to render this horrible matter.

5) My parents have taken me to the psychologist because they think that, as I am always discouraged, I have depression, I think that going to the psychologist has helped me a lot and I think that more and more I am happier than before.

6) Vomits and nausea for 2 weeks, for having eaten in the street, in a fast food stall, never trust those places ; - ;.

Well that has been all I know is a very long post but I had to explain all this, thank you very much if you have read everything. Goodbye :3


Since we are very close to Christmas I will ask for my graphics tablet with which I can animate and draw in a very fluid way, which means that I can have much more content to upload.


Well, that was everything. Now if goodbye uwu



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Comments (2)

YAY!, you're back

wow you're really good at typing in english

Im learning boi :3